What is the Perfect Gift For Baby Showers?

When it comes to showering a friend who is expecting, remember this: There will always be someone who gives the practical baby gift. You know—the nappies, the shampoo, the nappy disposable system, the car seat. We are not those kind of people....

Instead we say leave the nappies to a Coles shop, break from tradition, and give a present that might not take care of dirty nappies but will bring surprise and delight every time a parent receives a Babybox. Each of these stylish baby shower Babybox is a special way to celebrate a new life—especially from afar—and have a little fun while doing it.

What Babyboxes offer:

1. Gifts for Mum 

While it's natural for the focus to be on baby essentials, we believe in recognizing and honouring the hard work, love, and dedication that mothers pour into their role.

2. Bath Time Gifts

A beautifully overflowing baby hamper that includes a gorgeous towel for baby's bath time and lots of pampering Mama Too products to spoil mum.

3. Gifts For Siblings

a thoughtful solution to ensure that older siblings don't feel left out when a new bundle of joy arrives. We understand that the arrival of a new baby brings immense joy, but it also comes with the challenge of making sure that everyone in the family feels valued and included.

4. Gifts For Twins

Double the fun...this Baby Gift Box can be a mix of two different colours of baby clothes for baby boys or baby girls.

5.  Corporate Hampers

Celebrate the newest addition to your team with our Corporate Baby Gift Boxes – the perfect way for office staff to come together and contribute to a grand and heartwarming gift for their teammate's new baby.


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